3 Reasons to use Gro-Max soil for Sodding

Gro-Max® Premium Garden SoilCreating a new lawn is similar to building a house in one crucial aspect. You start with the foundation. The better your foundation is, the longer you are going to enjoy your new home.

At the heart (or… under the surface?) of each lawn is the soil upon which it grows. The health, quality and the color of your new lawn depends on the type of soil you use.

In our Sodding projects, we always use Gro-Max® Premium Garden Soil, reflecting our professional focus on the delivery of high quality and long lasting sod laying results.

Gro-Max® Premium Garden Soil

Gro-Max® soil is a giant step above Triple Mix. Not only it contains peat, compost and topsoil, it also contains aged bark and sand.

Turf Lawn laid on Grow-Max Premium Garden SoilThe presence of aged bark and sand in Gro-Max® Premium Garden Soil creates an optimal PH Soil balance for Sodding. Over time, its superior water holding capacity will provide roots with continuous nutrition. Finally, this soil’s superior air porosity will continue to let much needed Oxygen below the service over a very long period of time

The nurturing abilities of Gro-Max Soil stimulate hyperactive grass roots development – the kind that enable you to sustain a thick, weed free, disease & drought resistant lawn.

Sod Laying (Sodding) using Gro-Max® Premium Garden SoilWe choose to use Gro-Max® soil because:
  • Ultimate Soil PH balance – creating a nourishing and nurturing environment for grass roots development.
  • Superior Moisture Management – draining through excess moisture while retaining enough to sustain for long dry periods.

  • Air Porosity – prevents compaction, Oxygenates, and assures unrestricted root growth environment.

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Alternative (lower cost and quality) soils :
Top Soil for Sodding

Topsoil - used in low-cost Sodding

This is the most basic soil type available. As you can infer from its name, it comes from the top layer of the surface. As such, it is rich in microorganisms and organic matter. It is usually the most economical option, and although things will grow in it – you will need a lot of supplements, nutrients and fertilizers to get good results. Among all options that are available to you, this is the poorest kind of soil to be used for sodding. It will compact quickly, it will not hold moisture very well, and all its nutrients will quickly wash away (and that’s when soil becomes clay).

Triple Mix for Sodding

This is a much higher quality growth medium, as it contains three equal parts of topsoil, peat and compost.

Peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation matter, and it plays a crucial role in water retention – on one hand it holds the moisture in the soil even when dry, and on the other it prevents excess moisture (which can kill the grass roots).

Compost – this is a combination of decomposed plants and animal materials. As such, it is very high in nutrients and minerals. Things growing in compost-rich soil have everything they need (mineral wise) to develop a strong and healthy root system. It dries very quickly, and as such must be balanced with peat.

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Just want to thank you guys for a great job on the sod replacement. I am so proud to say I do in fact have the greenest lawn on the street. I shopped out alot of potential suppliers of my needs but am so happy that I selected Niko’s as this was a A-1 job all the way down to the customer service and not to mention the install. Very professional approach and attitude from your GM Greg I was thoroughly impressed how he worked around the inclement weather conditions to satisfy the customers needs. I will definitely recommend your services which I already have to a few of my neighbors and friends.
Cheers Niko’s to a great job all round

– Darren W.