Our Team

Team at work @ Niko's GardeningOur entire business relies on the people who operate it. We would not have made it this far without the relentless commitment, the long hours, and the willingness of each of our team members to do what it takes to assure seamless and high quality service delivery.

While our team leaders are experienced landscape professionals, we maintain our commitment to students – with most of our team members joining us while on a Summer break from their studies.

Niko's team is big on safety!

Over the years, we have developed an elaborate training program, covering gardening basics, landscaping skills, and safety considerations, enabling us in a short span of time to equip our team members with the necessary skill set to perform well, succeed in their work, remain safe, and take pride at being able to quickly become valuable members of the team.

Our team members are compensated with an above-minimum wage, and lot’s of work hours – providing them with an opportunity to save up for next year’s tuition, while enjoying the great out doors, and stretching their muscles after a long winter at the library.

Greg Peker

With over twelve years of experience in the industry, Greg initially joined the company as a maintenance team member, in our Thornhill operations, Greg led the team the year after. Under his leadership, we’ve significantly improved the quality and efficiency of our maintenance services, and expanded our offering to customers in Thornhill Woods and Maple.

In 2010 Greg assumed to position of a General Manger and joined as a partner in the business. In 2016 Greg has become the new owner of Niko’s Gardening and he still handles the sales and day to day operations of our Sodding and Maintenance teams.  During the season, Greg may be reached @ 1 (800) 277 2114 x 1

Natalia Feldman
Office Manager

IMG_20140627_133222Natalia is responsible for our back-office operation, making sure everything ticks like a clock! As we continue to grow, and keen on providing best-in-class customer service and support our Sodding and Maintenance teams, the role of an Office Manager is important more than ever! You can reach Natalia at info@nikosgardening.ca or @ 1 (800) 277 2114 x 4



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Niko’s has been taking care of our lawn and our snow removal for 2 years, and we are very happy with the service provided. During the warm months, we are thrilled with the health of our grass, and get compliments on its appearance from neighbours all the time! In winter, snow is removed quickly and early – we never worry about getting out of our driveway after a big snow storm. Niko’s will even return for a second round of plowing/shovelling if required. The company is excellent at communicating with customers and will send out emails with status of plows during storms. We never wonder if they will show up in any season – they’re always prompt, and keep us up-to-date.

– Jenn