Commercial Snow Plowing (Snow Removal)

Commercial Snow Removal Service – a winter’s piece of mind!

With Niko’s Gardening Inc Snow removal (Snow Plowing) Service you can buy yourself piece of mind, knowing that a professional and well equipped snow plowing crew is ready 24/7 to get that snow out of the way – no matter what day, time, and weather it is!

Operating out of Concord, Ontario we service Concord, Maple, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham and Woodbridge Ontario.



We are equipped with the latest trucks, plows and salters on the market today for the best cleared and safe surfaces on your property.

We offer a piece of mind to you and for our Industrial and Commercial Snow plowing clients:

  • 24/7 Weather monitoring-  We work around the clock on and off site monitoring with the help of meteorological data and weather radars to provide with the most efficient snow removal service.
  • Snow Plowing every time 2″ inch (5 cm) of snow fall down and salting as needed depending on weather conditions.
  • Open communication Channels by Phone, text, Email and social media.

We invite you to call 1-800-277-2114 to book your snow plowing and salting service today.

Feel free to contact us at the contact form below.

We looking forward to serving your property.



Industrial and Commercial Snow Clearing Services in Concord, Maple, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham and Woodbridge Ontario
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When Greg arrived we had a diseased tree and three ugly, overgrown shrubs. NOW I have a plot of thick, healthy grass and a beautiful new flower bed. The recommendations for soil for my new flowers and tree were perfect and much appreciated. Niko’s team did a fabulous job!

– Ruth D.B.