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Organic Weed Prevention – Stop Dandelions!

Dandelion Lawn Care – Weed Control

May is the time when Dandelions and other weeds wake up, and contaminate the nice green of the lawn with its bright yellow color. Dandelions are actually capable of taking over your lawn, and destroying it almost entirely! For the survival of your lawn, it is crucial to stop dandelion’s growth, and prevent them from spreading out.

As you might know, chemicals are not allowed in Thonrhill area, which is great, because the damage they caused to our health is definitely not worth the green lawns it produced, and not so great, because now fighting weeds is so much more difficult.

So now, fighting with dandelions is quite a challenge!

How can we stop dandelions?

The effort for dandelion lawn care is mutual – we come and help you with the first push, and then it is up to you to spend a few minutes here and there – plucking the yellow heads out, and if possible – the root too!

Once that is done, there are brand new organic products out there, such as Corn Gluten that helps to prevent new seed from germinating – hence not allowing new weeds to grow! This product is offered at various garden stores, like our valuable business partner – Angelo’s Garden Centre.

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