Turf Lawn Core Aeration

Turf Lawn Core Aeration Frequent mowing of your lawn (specifically you walking on it) results in soil compaction. Compacted soil is bad news for grass roots: limited oxygen and moisture penetration on one hand, and dense soil to penetrate with its roots on the other – both make it a challenge for your turf lawn to maintain its vigour.

Core Aeration of your lawn involves the mechanized “poking” of your lawn using a machine. Plugs of soil are removed and dropped on top of the surface. The room created by the removal of those plugs loosens the soil as it shifts to fill the gaps. The extracted plugs on top of the lawn surface will break down, spreading good nutrients, and finally – air and water will penetrate deeper to the roots system of your turf lawn.

Core Aeration of your Turf Lawn should be done once a year, or twice – if it is a high traffic, frequently enjoyed area.

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