Corn Gluten (Meal) – Turf Lawn Weeds Prevention

Lawn with Dandelions and weedsIn the past, when the harmful effect of Pesticides on humans was still unknown, maintaining a weed free turf lawn was a breeze. Call the weed guys and your problem was solved. Thankfully, Pesticides are banned, and our family’s and children’s health is better protected. However, the absence of Pesticides is calling for special measures in protecting your lawn from weeds, Dandelions, etc’.

Corn Gluten (also known as Corn Gluten Meal) is an excellent preventative measure for healthy turf lawns. If your lawn was recently installed, or if it s mature but presently not overtaken by weeds, applying a layer of Corn Gluten at the beginning and the end of the growth season will go a long way in protecting your lawn from weeds.

Corn Gluten MealCorn Gluten (also known as Corn Gluten Meal)  as dehydrator. Weeds largely spread by air. Once a Dandelion (or other weed) seedling lands on your lawn – it begins a rapid process of germination. However, if it lands on a layer of Corn Gluten, it will suck the moisture away from the weed seedling, and by doing so – prevent its germination and future growth.

Corn Gluten (also known as Corn Gluten Meal) does not kill existing weed growth, but rather acts as preventative treatment – dramatically reducing the ability of seeds (of new or existing weeds on your lawn) to germinate and pollute your immaculate turf lawn.


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