What determines the cost of sodding a new turf lawn?


Turf lawn Sodding job in Mississauga by Niko's Gardening TeamIt may seem that installing a lawn involves the use of standard materials – soil and sod in a very straight forward work process – similar across all providers. This is not exactly so.

In fact, the type of materials, and the way the Sod installation process is managed and performed can vary substantially. This variance has major ramifications on the long-term potential of your newly Sodded turf lawn. Another important factor to consider – is what exactly is included in the cost of sodding  a new lawn you receive from your contractor.

Like in any other type of service, there are many options available in sodding, varying degrees of work quality as well as followup service availability.

  • Sodding estimates (which should be free!) are normally provided on a cost-of-sodding-per-square-foot basis. It is important to identify what is included in your Sodding estimate.

Main factors determining the cost of sodding a new turf lawn:


  • Quality of pre-sodding weed control
  • Type and amount of soil used
  • Scope of ground preparations done (is grading included?)
  • Type of fertilizer applied (if at all)
  • Followup Service and support


1. Quality of pre-sodding weed control

pre-sodding weed control The use of Pesticides in Toronto, Markham, and rest of the GTA is forbidden for several years now. This is quite a challenge – as lawn installation should ideally be done on a clean, weed-free ground.

Even before the pesticide ban, the team at Niko’s was looking for safe and harmless ways to do weed control. We’ve developed an effective, powerful, and completely safe Vinegar based weed control spray. Before each sodding job in Toronto, Markham, Richmond hill, and rest of the GTA – we always make sure to kill all weeds. This is an obvious part of our work, and is included in the cost of our sodding services.

  • Make sure that effective but 100% safe weed control is included in your sodding estimate

2. Type and amount of soil used

Grow Max soil is best for sodding - Niko's GardeningWhen Sodding in Toronto and the GTA area, there are generally three types of soils available:

The long-term health, strength, and vigor of your newly installed turf lawn depends on the foundation upon which it is placed. Grow-Max soil is the best choice by far, and will result in rapid developed of a strong root system. As a standard, we place a minimum of 1″ inch layer of Grow-Max soil on top of the existing soil (after we turned it over vigorously).
By using Grow Max in all of our sodding projects we provide the best value for our customer’s money – the lawns we install are there for many years to come, and are bound to be drought and disease resistant.

  • Make sure the best type of soil is used for your sodding project

3. Scope of ground preparations done (is grading included?)

Grading for Sodding MarkhamAfter all weeds are killed and removed, the soil should be vigorously turned over – ideally using gas-powered tillers. Once the soil is loose, a fresh layer of soil (we use Grow Max) is applied.

Proper grading and leveling should be done at this point, assuring straight surface on one hand, and considering drainage directions on the other.

This part is quite important, and should be done right, and with proper attention – after all, after the new lawn is installed – it will be very difficult to alter the grading of the surface.

  • Make sure that basic grading is included in the estimate of sodding your lawn.

4. Type of Fertilizer applied

Applying a high-quality fertilizer when installing a new lawn, accelerated the root-development process of the sod. While not practiced by all sodding service providers, this is quite important: remember, the sod used in your garden had an extensive root system before it was cut out off the farm for you, and is in great distress (that’s why you must water your lawn several times a day on the first weeks of installation). A good fertilizer alleviates some of the stress, providing your yard with a prompt vigor, and rapid grass growth right away.

  • Make sure a high-quality fertilizer is included in the estimate of sodding your lawn.

5. Followup service and support

Post Sodding support and serviceWhen re-sodding a yard, the lawn installation is only the first step. While getting it done right has a direct effect on the quality and beauty of your future lawn, it is also very important to know:

– How to water the freshly sodded lawn
– When to mow the freshly sodded lawn for the first time
– How to fertilizer and look after the freshly sodded lawn

Needless to say, there are many things that could go wrong, or at least cause a great deal of stress – having someone who was directly involved in the initial creation of the lawn – available for sodding support and advice is invaluable.

Niko's Sodding team is available for post-project turf care service

Niko’s team always makes itself available to it’s customers – we are glad to provide sodding support and arrive to inspect your new lawn when needed, wherever you are – Markham, Richmond Hill, North York, Etobicoke, Toronto or anywhere else in the GTA: if we installed your lawn, we will be there to help you keep it healthy and green just like on the day the sodding was complete!


  • Make sure your sodding provider is known for its post-service support and followup.

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I was very pleased and satisfied with the sodding of our backyard [Toronto] after foundation work had completely destroyed the existing grass. We have lived in our house for 20 years and the grass has never looked so lush and green. A job very well done.

Thank you

– Rob S.