Dethaching your Lawn

Grass Thatch up close“Thatch is a layer of dry grass clippings, dead roots, and other materials – that builds up over the summer between the grass roots and blades” according to Richard Hentschel, a Horticulturist at Illinois University. We even link to his video on our blog post here.

Thatch build up on your turf lawn can choke exiting live grass blades, and prevent new ones from sprouting. Quite important to get this thatch away from your lawn, in a process called Lawn Dethatching, which is best done first thing early spring, right before the lawn begins its vigorous Spring growth.


thatch pileYou can use a regular rake, or a power rake like we do in our lawn maintenance services in Thornhill. Either way – the aim is to get this thatch away from your turf lawn, and allow moisture, air, and even sun light – to penetrate the ground level, and contribute to a healthy growth of your lawn.

Our customers, who regularly enjoy our Dethatching service which we perform using a wonderful power rake – report dramatic change in the vigor of their lawn, especially if Dethatching was done at the beginning of the season (best time for Dethatching in Toronto area is the last half of April, or the first two weeks of May).


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