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At Niko’s Gardening, customer satisfaction is our number one goal. For this reason, our professionals work tirelessly to provide you with the best lawn aeration service in the most efficient and productive way possible.

We offer premium service to all our customers and work passionately to give them a healthy and most beautiful-looking lawn on the block.

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Lawn Aeration That Is Different

Depending on the condition of your lawn, our team will choose the best aeration method to restore your lawn health. We do more than aerate your lawn – we understand environmental conditions that can affect your lawn, what steps are required to return your lawn back to a healthy state.

It’s about more than just poking holes in the ground, we ensure that you understand why this is important and how it affects the rest of your landscaping, especially before sodding or overseeding.

Why You Need Lawn Aeration Service

3 Reasons to use Grow-Max soil for Sodding

Better Soil Aeration

It makes the soil less compacted, giving roots more room for nutrients and oxygen and encouraging vigorous grass development. Enhanced Water Infiltration: Aeration enables water to seep into the soil more easily by reducing overflow and increasing water absorption. This will prevent water from heavy rain or snow-melting from gathering in a puddle.

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Thatch Reduction

A coating of dead grass and organic waste that builds up on the soil’s surface is known as thatch. This layer stops water and nutrients from getting into the ground. The process of aeration removes cores of soil, including their thatch layer, thus allowing nutrients to reach the healthy portion of grass.

Lawn fertilizer and core Aeration

Enhanced Fertilizer Uptake

After lawn aeration service, nutrients from fertilizers can enter the root zone more efficiently.  Aeration creates openings in the soil for fertilizer seeds and nutrients to contact the earth directly.

Does Aeration of Lawn Improve Grass?

Yes, lawn aeration improves grass. Aerating your grass enables essential elements such as sunshine, oxygen, water, and nutrients to seep in and reach the roots.

This will encourage a healthy and substantial root system, providing a lush, green lawn that is more resistant to undesired grasses and weeds.

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When is the Best Time for Lawn Aeration?

We recommend investing in lawn aeration service in the spring or early autumn while plants grow. Depending on the yard’s state, aeration should be done at least once a year for most lawns. Ideally, it is best to aerate warm-season grasses in late spring or early summer and cool-season grasses in fall.

Our team at Niko’s Gardening will be happy to assess your yard for you to determine the most appropriate time for your lawn’s aeration.


What They Say

Alex Go
Alex Go
Very friendly and polite guys. Very professional and tidy. It was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend
Elaine & Gord Thomson
Elaine & Gord Thomson
Mid September 2022 Niko's Gardening installed new sod in our backyard. The crew worked steady through the day while keeping an organized and tidy work area. By day's end we had a great looking new lawn. Niko's provided complete and detailed instructions for us to care for the newly sodded lawn with recommendations for cutting and watering. Eight weeks later (November 2022) our backyard looks great and continues to thrive. We are very happy with the work Niko's Gardening has completed for us. E & G Thomson
Dr. Negda Tabrizi
Dr. Negda Tabrizi
Greg and his team did a wonderful job replacing our sod. Very professional, extremely courteous and great value. You will not be disappointed.
Richard Allin
Richard Allin
Best sod contractors in the city hands down. These guys leave your property looking like a lush carpet. Greg the owner is an amazing guy, very trustworthy, hard working and truly cares about his business. I refer them as often as I can because they are that good! Give them a call today!
Belinda Yu
Belinda Yu
Greg and his crew did an excellent job on sod installation and the planting of the boxwood and hydrangea. Greg also provided details such as the type of grass that was installed so the post-installation care was easier to plan for. I have received many compliments from neighbors.
Lyndon Shopsowitz
Lyndon Shopsowitz
Greg was great to deal with in getting the job arranged, and the crew did a nice job. My backyard looks brand new!
Lukasz Brzezinski
Lukasz Brzezinski
Very professional service. Top notch quality! Thank you for the work.
Marlene Salazaar
Marlene Salazaar
Greg examined the state of our lawn and indicated exactly what was needed to transform it into a lush, green turf. Not only did the sod need to be laid, but the underlying soil had to be replenished and built up so that the lawn was even. The workmen were very courteous and the work was carried out exactly as Greg had stated in his estimate. They worked diligently and completed the job in one day. The lawn looks amazing. and I would absolutely recommend Niko's services.
Mariana Botezatu
Mariana Botezatu
The service was impeccable and the timing was great! Greg and his team brought our front and back yard back to life again. I am happy to recommend them and for sure use the company in future.

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