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Lawn Care & Maintenance in Thornhill, Thornhill Woods, Upper Thornhill, Valleys of Thornhill, Lebovic Campus, Concord and Maple.

Niko's Lawn Maintenance Service Area

We provide ongoing lawn mowing, flowerbed cultivation and pruning service from mid April and all the way to the first snow fall. We complete our grass cutting service with Spring and Fall clean ups, lawn fertilizing, and all other activities that simply need to get done in order to achieve that emerald green lawn you always dreamed of!

Our clients enjoy not only timely and high quality work, butIMG_4078 also superb customer service complete with online billing and reporting. We maintain open communication channels with our clients, and provide response within 24 hours to all client’s questions and concerns. Don’t be disappointed and Get a free lawn maintenance estimate now.



Lawn and Garden Spring Clean Up

  • Removal of winter debris, cleaning of leaves and first cut of the lawn.
  • Where applicable-Shaping and trimming of shrubs & bushes up to 8-10 feet tall.
  • Flowerbeds clean up, Cultivating and Edging.Bef and aft

We always recommend adding Extra Spring services to boost the look and health of your lawn:

  • Aeration (getting air and moisture to those awakening roots)
  • Spring lawn fertilizer (a healthy Spring boost for your lawn)

Niko's Lawn care and maintenance timeline Thornhill ON

Lawn and  Garden Mid-Summer Clean Up

  • Mid Summer Fertilizer (prepare for the heat, maintain emerald green lawn color)
  • Driveway Sealing (sharp dark look, and protection from the elements)
  • Grub Control (we use nematodes)


Lawn and Garden Fall Clean Up

  • Leaves collection.
  • Removal of annuals and trimming of Perennials.

We always recommend adding Extra fall services to boost the health of your lawn for years to come:

  • Fall lawn fertilizer (strengthen the roots before the harsh winter months)
  • Aeration (Loosening the earth compaction after a season of lawn enjoyment)

Niko's spring clean up - Aeration Thornhill Woods ON

Lawn and Garden maintenance is much more than good grass cutting. By contracting us for all your outdoors needs, you will gain a peace of mind knowing that a professional crew is following a strict lawn and garden maintenance schedule, fertilizing as needed, cleaning things up as needed – so you have more time to spend with your family, and enjoy a green, healthy, and pesticide free lawn and garden.

While the maintenance crew is looking after everyone’s lawns (cutting grass etc’), you always have someone to speak to. Greg and Natalia are constantly monitoring our phonesemails, and social media accounts. You may want to know when is the next time the crew will be coming to cut your grass, or what to do after the lawn fertilizer is applied – we are here, to tend to your needs, and assure uninterrupted grass cutting and lawn maintenance service.

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We have been maintaining properties in your neighborhood since 2004. We employ experienced landscape professionals, use top quality equipment, and deliver high quality lawn care and grass maintenance services in Thornhill, Thornhill Woods, Upper Thornhill, Valleys of Thornhill, Vaughan, Concord, Lebovic Campus and Maple, complete with personal customer service to each and every one of our lawn care and maintenance customers.

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I have used Niko’s Gardening before and i was very pleased with their professionalism and their caring for the customer. They left everything very clean. I will use them again and i would recommend them to all my friends. Thank you for a wonderful job.