Residential Snow Plowing (Snow Removal)

Residential Snow Removal Service – a winter’s piece of mind!

Hand shoveling your driveway is great on sunny weekend afternoons, less so on stormy Monday mornings.

With Snow removal (Snow Plowing) Service you can buy yourself piece of mind, knowing that a professional and well equipped snow plowing crew is ready 24/7 to get that snow out of the way – no matter what day, time, and weather it is!

We know that it might be difficult to keep up with the snow around your property during the cold winter months and that’s when Niko’s snow removal service will clear all walkways, porches and driveways to keep your home or Business accessible and safe.


Our service area runs North of Steeles Avenue and South of Major Mackenzie Drive, East of Dufferin Street and West of Bathurst Street. Please see map. 


We offer a piece of mind to you and for our Residential Snow removal clients:

  • 24/7 Weather monitoring-  We work around the clock on and off site monitoring with the help of meteorological data and weather radars to provide with the most efficient snow removal service.
  • Snow removal every time 2″ inch (5 cm) of snow fall down- Snow plowing areas will include: DRIVEWAY, WALKWAY, STAIRS AND PORCH WITH NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Email updates and follow ups before, during and after storms.
  • Open communication Channels by Phone, text, Email and social media.

Niko's Snow Plowing Thornhill

Our service includes hand shoveling from your driveway right to the door step – at no extra charge, and with the typical quality dedication we are famous for.

Our Western 7 and a half foot long snow plow is ideal for plowing in small areas and is equipped with a reverse blade. So when we go back on your driveway – a maximum amount of snow is removed, resulting in a cleaner snow removal job, and a safer surface to walk on as you rush to your daily responsibilities.

There When You Really Need It- Leave the Snow Removal to us!

Hand Shoveling the Snow to the door step in Thornhill

The last few winters we witnessed several massive storms in addition to ordinary snow fall. We demonstrated our commitment to high customer service by having additional crew members, operating for 72-hours in a row, and communicating our real-time position and progress on an hourly basis.

Niko and Greg taking a break after SnowPlowing in Thornhill


We are fully insured for snow removal services, offering you great peace of mind, and can always be reached over the phone – Greg (the owner) personally handle all calls 24/7 during the winter.

We have been in business since 2004, and grew on our ability to provide great customer service, high work quality, and proven ourselves as reliable time and time again.

Our Fleet is equipped with different types of commercial grade Western snow plows which is ideal for plowing in small areas as well as big parking lots and with added reverse blades for best driveway clearing result . So when we go back on your driveway – a maximum amount of snow is removed, resulting in a cleaner snow removal job, and a safer surface to walk on as you rush to your daily responsibilities.

We look forward providing Thornhill, Thornhill Woods, Upper Thornhill, Valleys of Thornhill, Lebovic Campus, Concord and Maple residents with professional snow plowing (snow removal) service during the winter months.

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We did a big overhaul in our backyard which included re-sodding this past June. It could not have gone any smoother thanks to the outstanding service we received from Niko’s Gardening! From the initial consultation/estimate to the completion of the project, Greg was very friendly, and professional. We contacted 3 companies and I knew immediately after meeting Greg from Niko’s that we felt comfortable with Niko’s. In addition, their price was very reasonable and the soil/sod was fantastic quality. Greg and his team did an amazing job. Our new sod looked amazing and was green and lush! In addition, we had quite a few eye sores in the back yard- huge tree stumps in the middle of the yard, and a huge poured concrete block that posed a bit of a problem since we decided last minute we wanted to have grass over the whole lawn and not just around the area of the concrete or the stumps. Greg provided us with several solutions as to what we could do and not go too much over budget. If you want great quality and great service for lawn installation I would highly recommend Niko’s Gardening!

– Geneve