Our sodding team holds a large set of skills, as we look after your lawn, do consider us for your other outdoors needs, there’s so much we can do:  

Flowerbed Work

If you need us to dig out and carve a new flowerbed or make an old one bigger we will be  there to help. We can bring in fresh new soil and plant anything you like.

flowerbed work






We will plant it all and if needed even move a plant to a different part of the garden to make more room for something else.





Pruning and Hedge Trimming

We do pruning of trees and hedge trimming, even the best gardeners need help sometimes, let us be your helping hand.

Pruning and Hedge triming





Tree removal

We can help with removal of small to mid size trees and shrubs. If you feel a tree is overgrown, dead or just out of place we can remove it with ease, just point and we will start the work.

Tree removal





Are you looking to have your grass greener? We have many fertilizer  available including organic and natural base.







Corn Gluten (Keep the weeds off your lawn naturally)

Since the ban on pesticides came to affect we don’t have many options to kill weeds with and those that are available don’t work. Corn Gluten is a weed preventer that will block the spreading of weeds into your lawn. Ask us how!

corn gluton






Lawn Rolling

Do you have uneven or bumpy grass? Lawn Rolling will help level out some of the bumps you have. Many consider taking the time to roll out a grass  lawn every spring to be an essential part of proper lawn maintenance. We can roll your lawn in the spring when grass is just coming out of  dormancy and the roots are in active growth.

Lawn rolling






Dethatching (Power Raking to remove dead grass)

Dethatching is the process used to remove the excess thatch (dead grass).Thatch can keep water, air and nutrients from getting to the roots. And if that     isn’t enough, lawns with excessive thatch are also more likely to have problems with diseases. The grass varieties in our area is best to dethatch in early   fall.









Garden Tilling

If you have a vegetable garden tilling has major benefits, including: aeration of the soil, chops and kills weeds, and mixes in organic materials (fertilizers and lime).

Yes we do that too.

Garden tilling





Lawn Top Dressing and Over Seeding

Top dressing and over seeding usually go hand in hand, however we can provide these services separately.  Top Dressing is the process of applying compost, soil, or sand over the surface of your lawn. It adds organic matter to soils, can build up the soil flora and change soil structure; it will help reduce lawn diseases and traffic stress on your lawn. As well, help reduce the need  for fertilizing and often detach. Over seeding is the process of adding new grass into worn-out or damaged lawn. By doing so we help you rejuvenate existing turf with minimal disturbance to your existing lawn and you only need to add water.

over -seeding







Sodding (New lawn installation/ Lawn repairs)

When your lawn is old, tired and full of weeds it is time to start fresh. After landscaping renovation or when you just had enough we are here to  give you a fresh start. We are the leading company in the sodding industry and can walk you throw the process with ease. Most lawns are done  in just one day!!!





 Soil and Mulch installation

Soil and mulch installation is done to improve the health and look of your flowerbeds. Its fast and easy way to improve the look of your home  and gardens.

Mulch installation









Gravel and Riverstone installation

Riverstones are mostly used on the sides of your home where grass doesn’t grow. This is a simple and fast upgrade to your landscape that will  make  the area look bigger and help with water flow away from the house.

Gravel install







Decorative rocks

Decorative rocks are essential part of a good looking garden and can be used in a lot of different parts of your landscape. We can show you how.

River stone with slabs







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