Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Etobicoke

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Sod Laying EtobicokeFor over 10 years, we are honored to extend our high quality Sod Laying (Sodding) service to residents of Etobicoke.

We’ve installed numerous new lawns in Etobicoke over the years, extending the benefit of a strong healthy lawn properly done from the ground up – references are available upon request!

We use the best soil available (GrowMax), and get our Sod from Zander’s farm – known for its top-notch grass quality. Coupled with our meticulous sod laying process, the result is predictable & unbeatable!


Our detailed Sod-Laying process covers all important aspects of Sodding – providing you with comfort & assurance that your new lawn has got the proper foundations allowing it to last for many years to come.

  • Use of high quality materials – GrowMax soil & Zander’s Sod (yes, we use the best!) 
  • Full customer support before, during, & after the Sodding project
  • Proper grading & lawn install – once & for many years to come
  • We are also proud to announce that GrowMax Soil is now CERTIFIED ORGANIC!

In addition, every time we complete a Sod Laying project, we convey detailed instructions on how to care for your newly installed grass lawn during the first & most critical weeks, as well as how to maintain & fertilize it in the months & years to come. Along with the instructions, we are always available by phone & email (and even in person if needed), to support the growth process of your newly installed Grass Sod.

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