The team here at Niko’s Gardening provides high-quality sodding services across the Stouffville area. Since 2004, we’ve been committed to creating more luscious, sustainable, and healthy lawns through our Stouffville residential landscaping services. By following our four guiding principles: high quality of work, teamwork and collaboration, superb customer service, and innovation, we successfully set the foundation for a strong, fresh lawn to thrive for years to come.


Cost of Sod Installation in Stouffville

The cost of installation for sodding in Stouffville varies based on the project size, the quality of the existing soil, and the number and severity of any grading issues. In addition, to provide the most accurate sodding cost estimate, we will measure your property, assess the degree of weed infestation, evaluate the environmental conditions, and determine the risk of raccoons.

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Stouffville Sodding Installation

Sodding a lawn is a beloved practice of Stouffville homeowners because of its many benefits. The main advantage of sodding is it provides immediate results. Traditional lawn seeding takes weeks and even months to establish, whereas sodding helps a beautiful, green lawn to fully mature in just a matter of days. Moreover, a sodded lawn is durable and is thus more ideal for households with kids and pets because it can withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme temperatures, and other challenges that seeding is far less ill-equipped to resist.

Other benefits of sodding in Stouffville include its ability to help reduce allergens, dust, and other pollutants from the air. Sod also conserves moisture, regulates temperatures, and reduces erosion. 

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Why Choose Us

For nearly 2 decades, Niko’s Gardening has stood apart as the premier lawn replacement and landscaping company in Stouffville because we offer the following:

  • Free sodding quote
  • High-quality soil and freshly cut sod
  • Sodding maintenance
  • Online estimate and billing
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How We Lay Sod in Stouffville

The professional landscapers at Niko’s Gardening are experienced in laying our high-quality sod in the most efficient and effective process possible. We ensure our Stouffville sod is carefully harvested and transported to your home to then plant in ideal conditions for quick and easy installation. We achieve this feat by staying true to the following 10 steps:

  1. Removing Up to 1 Inch of Old Grass with a Sod Cutter
  2. Raking and Disposal
  3. Installing 1 Inch Layer of Triple Mix Soil
  4. Wide Rake Leveling
  5. Lawn Roller to Final Grade
  6. Installing Kentucky Bluegrass Sod from Zander Sod Farm
  7. Water and Roll Over the Sod
  8. Starter Fertilizer Application
  9. Clean Up
  10. Disposal
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The Best Sod Installation in Stouffville For You

Here at Niko’s Gardening, we share aligned goals with Stouffville homeowners to transform outdoor spaces with our landscaping services. By supplying high-quality sod, excellent customer service, top-tier workmanship, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are motivated to deliver the ultimate lawn replacement solution with our well defined and structured sodding process. We don’t sacrifice quality for costs because we believe every Stouffville homeowner should have access to a beautiful healthy lawn that is made possible within their budget. You have our full attention and support before, during, and after the Stouffville sodding installation is complete, and we will instruct you on how to care for your newly installed grass with the proper maintenance and fertilization moving forward.

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