Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Thornhill

Sodding in lawn

For 18 years, we have been extending our services to Thornhill.
We emphasize high quality work and employ the best materials available to assure a healthy and sustainable turf (grass lawn) from the ground up!

Our experience in Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Thornhill’s lawns enables us to effectively deal with all challenges posed by Clay Soil, Raccoons, and grading issues – all to create a sustainable lawn, that is to be enjoyed for many years to come.

We strive to be great at grass repair and replacement with high quality service, quality materials and confidence!

Fresh, healthy and thick lawn around your house generates oxygen, reduces noise levels, and helps to cool your house by absorbing excess sun light!

We come highly recommend and provide one of the best quality Sodding (lawn installation) services available throughout the GTA, with our focus on top quality Sod and Soils, as well as superb post grass-installation service and support.

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Sodding review Vaughan and Thornhill new lawn
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Sod, also known as Turf is ready-made grass that is brought over from a sod farm in a rolled shape. Following proper preparation, the sod is rolled over like a carpet and from day one provides a rich and colorful lawn.

Growing Turf on a farm allows for perfectly controlled environment, where thick, strong and healthy Turf can be created. Sod is delivered right to the Sodding site on the day of the job, providing us with optimal conditions to create the best lawn possible around your house.

By choosing the best possible soils and fertilizers, and only same-day Sod, we set the right foundation for your lawn to remain green and healthy for years.

We Offer:

-Free advice on grass lawn repair and replacement
-Free Sodding estimates

-Highest quality soil and freshly cut sod
-Superb customer service and ongoing support (long after we’re done)
-Online estimating and billing

We don’t use Top soil as other companies do. We use Triple Mix which contains more minerals and nutrients but the most important characteristics is the water holding benefits triple mix has.

Each client’s lawn is unique. We take the time to measure your property, evaluate the environmental conditions, assess the level of weed infestation, raccoon risk, etc – to provide you with the most accurate sodding estimate.

Project size, quality of existing soil and grading issues are all factors affecting the cost of Sodding (lawn replacement) a new lawn in Thornhill and our owner Greg goes above and beyond to ensure everything is done right!

  • We prepare the land, and make sure it is clean, which is the key for successful Sodding job. In order for lawn to remain green over time, the soil must be rich with minerals, so the roots would take and have enough nutrients to continue their growth. For that reason, we use Triple Mix which is a wonderful substance to use for sodding, planting etc’. Triple Mx is the best and the highest quality of soil for Sodding (lawn installation) in Toronto and the GTA area.
  • Next, the land is leveled using a heavy roller. The grading is done according to plan designs or customer specifications.
  • Before the sod is installed, the freshly leveled soil is enriched by a natural, phosphorus reach fertilizer, to encourage healthy and rapid growth.  Our fertilizers are natural, and most certainly pesticide-free.
  • Finally, we lay the sod (turf) down, and immediately, you have a brand new lawn!
Sodding process- 10 steps process

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