Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Whitchurch-Stouffville

We are excited to extend our sodding (lawn replacement) services to Whitchurch-Stouffville residents. Since 2004 we have been providing landscaping services and have installed numerous new lawns in Whitchurch-Stouffville, extending the benefit of a strong healthy lawn properly done from the ground up.

We use the best soil available (GrowMax), and get our Sod from Zander’s farm – known for its top-notch grass quality. Coupled with our meticulous sod laying process, the result is predictable & unbeatable!

Detailed sod-laying process, top notch materials

Our detailed Sod-Laying process covers all important aspects of Sodding – providing you with comfort & assurance that your new lawn has got the proper foundations allowing it to last for many years to come.

  • Use of high quality materials – GrowMax soil & Zander’s Sod (yes, we use the best!)
  • Full customer support before, during, & after the Sodding project
  • Proper grading & lawn install – once & for many years to come

Enjoy our Post Sodding Project support

In addition, every time we complete a Sod Laying project, we convey detailed instructions on how to care for your newly installed grass lawn during the first & most critical weeks, as well as how to maintain & fertilize it in the months & years to come. Along with the instructions, we are always available by phone & email (& even in person if needed), to support the growth process of your newly installed Grass Sod.

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