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Sodding Woodbridge and Vaughan

Nikos Sodding (lawn replacement) service has been providing residents of Woodbridge with topquality services since 2004, and it continues to do so to this day! Located conveniently in Thornhill, our free, fast estimates are easy to acquire. In the 18 years we‘ve been active in Woodbridge, we‘ve laid A LOT of Sod. Our grass installation is complemented by customer support before, during, and long after your lawn is complete.


Our Lawn Installation process is comprehensive, making sure that all the important aspects of Sodding are taken care of. Fresh, healthy grass around your home brings numerous benefits it produces oxygen, reduces noise levels, and helps cool the house by absorbing sunlight. We are highly recommended and offer the best Sodding services in the GTA.


At Niko’s Gardening, we are widely acclaimed as offering the highest quality Sodding (lawn replacement) services in the Greater Toronto Area! Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our superior Sod and Soils, coupled with our incomparable postinstallation service and support. Undeniably, we are the best choice for all your Sodding needs.

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Offering our Sodding (Sod Laying) service, we provide free advice and estimates, as well as the highest quality soil and freshly cut sod. Moreover, we offer online estimating and billing, plus superb customer service and ongoing support, even after we finish.

Having 18 years of Sodding experience has enabled us to refine our practice and provide our clients with the highest quality products and post-installation service and support. Our professional teams have tons of experience and will make sure your lawn looks perfect. We use only the best products which are all pesticide-free. In contrast to other companies, we never use Top Soil, but rather high-grade Triple Mix, which contains composted pine mulch, screened top soil, leaf compost, and sand.

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Our Sodding (Sod Laying) service provides clients with the following: free advice and estimates, the highest quality soil and freshly cut sod, online estimating and billing, and superb customer service and ongoing support. The cost of Sodding a new lawn in Woodbridge is determined by the size of the project, quality of existing soil, and grading issues; our owner Greg is dedicated to ensuring that everything is done perfectly.

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