Sodding (Sod Laying) – Step One

Sodding (Sod Laying) Step One – Get rid of the old:

A great looking lawn begins with proper ground preparation. It is of an essence to make sure all weeds are gone, the earth is rejuvenated (vigorously turned over), freed of old roots and derbies and thoroughly raked.

Weed Killing Before Sodding

Sodding Step One - Weed Killing

Long before the pesticide ban in the GTA, we’ve practiced pesticide-free weed killing. The kind that gets the job done, but prevents any exposure to toxic chemicals.

We use a Horticultural Vinegar (20%)  weed killer – it is safe, pesticide free, and gets the weed-killing job done.

For an extra cost we make one weed killing applications, normally a week prior to the Sodding job scheduled date. The time is coordinated with the customer, and takes weather forecast into consideration.

Removing Dead Weeds & Old Grass before Sod Laying

Sodding process step one - removing dead weeds & old grass

Killing the weeds means we do not have to remove any soil from your property. This way we avoid the wasteful disposal of perfectly good Soil.

On the day of Sod Laying, we begin by shaving off all dead weeds down to the ground. We use gas-powered trimmers in this quick and efficient process.

All weeds and other dead vegetation is raked up and disposed.

Rotor Tilling Before Sodding

Sodding Process Step One - Rotor Tilling - turning over the soil before Sod Laying

All existing soil is refreshed and turned over using motorized tillers.

Our machines enable us to dig in 2” to 4” inch deep depending on quality and type of soil – perfectly refreshing that same layer of soil where future Sod roots will be developing.

Turning over the soil also breaks down the dead roots of previous growth, transforming them to nutrients for the new Sod.


Raking & Removing Old Roots Before Sod Laying

Raking & Removing Old Roots before Sodding

Once all the dead weeds are shaved off, the soil is turned over, and initial cleanup is done, we do a final rake up, making sure that as far as the existing soil goes – it is all set for the magic that is about to come!

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