Sodding Step Two

Level the ground and Fertilize

– Grading and Compacting the Soil

Soil grading for Sodding

By default we add 1 inch of soil to all properties and for better result recommend and add as much soil as needed to get a great leveled lawn.

The soil is leveled and compacted using heavy rollers and extra wide leveling rakes.

We take our time when grading the soil before Sodding, to assure that rain water will drain in the right direction on one hand, and that the sod will be leveled, bump-free, and visually appealing.

While most Sodding jobs require only minor grading, we have came across serious drainage problems, and successfully dealt with major surface grading issues.

– Apply high quality fertilizer

During the first month of its existence, the freshly installed sod will work hard towards developing its root network, which eventually should be 2” to 4” inch deep, protecting it from heat, cold, and draught.

Until this happens though, the sod will draw water and nutrients from the very top layer.

Over the years of Sodding, we’ve experimented with several types of fertilizers, and methods of application, until we found the best one. Finding the best fertilizer for Sodding is a delicate balancing act between getting the right amount of nutrients, and protecting the roots from burns (which occur if too much Nitrogen comes in contact with Turf’s roots.

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