Turf Lawn Spring Fertilizing

Watering a fertilized lawnLawn fertilizers come in all shapes and varieties, and come to replace the natural cycle that normally happens in the nature: plants shed leaves and die in the fall, to later transform to Compost, which in turn feeds back the soil and provides plant’s roots with essential nutrients.

After a long period of hibernation, your turf lawn needs as much support as possible to spring back in full vigor. A Nitrogen rich fertilizer is called for in the spring.

When purchasing a lawn fertilizer, you will notice 3 sets of numbers on it:

The first set on the left indicates the Nitrogen balance of Spring Lawn Fertilizer balancethis fertilizer. Nitrogen is responsible for rapid growth of grass blades, and speeds up the process of photosynthesis (= adds a deep-green color to your grass blades).

It is recommended that the Spring turf lawn Fertilizer will be Nitrogen rich, and so you should look for the first set of numbers to be around 25. Be careful – high concentration of Nitrogen can burn your lawn, so be sure to spread it evenly, and water right after the application.

If you can time your Spring Lawn Fertilizer Application right before a spring rain that’s even better!


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