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Niko’s Gardening has been in business since 2004, we are a high-quality lawn replacement and turf installation (sodding) company in Toronto & the GTA.

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Nikos Sodding Toronto and the GTA
About Us

We Are Professional sod installation & landscaping company!

We are delighted to offer complete sodding (lawn installation) services in Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, Markham, and rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Our grass vans and turf truck serve as an icon to our commitment to remain creative, innovative and offer our clients with a positive memorable experience when providing our services. We come highly recommended with a track record of quality sodding work and superb customer service.

We follow Four guiding principles:

High quality
of work

Superb customer

Team work and collaboration


Our Story

Green lawn can make a world of difference

Sodding – a lush, green lawn can make a world of difference on the pleasure you derive from your garden, as well as the value of your home.

Meet Our Team

Our entire business relies on the people who operate it. Meet our team

Our Grass Van

If you drive on the roads of Toronto and the GTA area, chances are you’ve come across one of our grass trucks – our grass covered vehicles.

Over the years we experimented with various soils, and work methods and learned to do it really really well. We invest in the best soil, use only freshly cut sod and compliment the work with the best and most suitable fertilizers. We do it right, setting the foundation for a strong, healthy lawn for many years to come.

We treat each sodding project as a client experience, which should start with clear and timely communication, and end with a luscious green lawn, that is there to stay for years to come.


The key for sustainable, healthy lawn is proper foundation. This is why every sodding (lawn installation) project we start in Toronto and the GTA, begins with a pesticide-free weed killer, continues with high-quality soil and ends with freshly cut grade 1 Kentucky Bluegrass from Zander’s farm (delivered to your garden on the day). Upon project completion we support our clients with timely information on everything the new lawn will need to stay green; how to protect the new sod from raccoons, how to water the sod, when to fertilize etc’. In short, we do everything we can to help our customers enjoy a healthy green lawn long after we are done.

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What We Do

Niko's Services

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Sodding (Lawn Replacement) services in Toronto & GTA area.

Soft Scaping

Our sodding team holds a large set of skills to help you reach the lawn of your dreams.

Lawn maintenance

Yard work made easy and only a phone call away.

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