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Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Bolton


Niko’s Gardening Inc. provides professional sodding services in Bolton. Starting with a free estimate, our highly trained landscape technicians can explain the cost and benefits of sod installation, as well our perfected sod installation process that’s satisfied all of our clients across the GTA. 

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Cost of Sod Installation in Bolton

When you get a free, no-obligation estimate for sodding in Bolton by Niko’s Gardening Inc., We give you a detailed breakdown of every cost. Prices vary on many factors including:

  • Size of area being sodded
  • Adding our environmentally friendly weeding services
  • Type and quality of soil being used
  • Required lawn preparations including grading
  • Fertilizer type if that applies to your project
  • Any follow-up service or support your desire

Bolton Sodding Installation

Our Bolton residential landscaping services provide homeowners with a high-quality lawn at an affordable price. There’s no quicker or better way to get the lush green landscaping you’ve always wanted for your property. Sodding provides many benefits including:

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Instant results: Sodding lets you have a beautiful, green lawn in just a matter of days, as opposed to the weeks or months it takes to see results with traditional seeding.

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Grass that lasts: Sodded lawns are engineered to stand up against lots of foot traffic and wild weather, making it the perfect landscaping solutions for young families with kids or pets.

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Eco-friendly softscaping: Sodding can reduce the number of allergens floating in the air, stop erosion on your property, retain moisture for your gardens and keep your yard cooler in the summertime.

Why Choose Us

Niko’s Gardening Inc. is a full-service landscaping company in Bolton offering sodding, softscaping and lawn maintenance services for homeowners that want skilled and trusting professionals keeping their property looking its best.

As one of the highest-rated landscaping companies in the GTA, we are proud to offer clients:

  • Free sodding quote
  • High quality soil and freshly cut sod
  • Sodding maintenance
  • Online estimate and billing
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Sodding Mississauga lawn

How We Lay Sod in Bolton

For the team at Niko’s Gardening Inc., Bolton landscape installation is an art, but it’s also a science that we understand very well. Our perfected process for sodding your property is efficient, safe and effective.

  1. Out with the old before we come in with the new, we remove old grass with a sod cutter.
  2. The property is raked by hand to collect and dispose of any rocks, yard waste and other debris.
  3. We apply a one-inch layer of Triple Mix-A dark rich, multi purpose planting soil, which in our opinion, is the best in the business.
  4. Next is the wide rake levelling phase where we use special tools to ensure an even plain for the sod installation, taking care to repair any divots or bumps.
  5. Using lawn rollers, our crews ensure your property is properly graded to keep water flowing away from your home’s foundation and any other structures.
  6. Niko’s experienced Bolton sod installers lay down beautiful, locally grown Kentucky Bluegrass from Zander Sod farms.
  7. We water and roll the sod one more time to make sure the right amount of moisture can penetrate underground and help cultivate a strong root system.
  8. As an option, we can add fertilizer to promote thicker, healthier-looking grass.
  9. We clean the site including any mess on adjacent softscaping or hardscaping features.
  10. We dispose of all old sod and soil for you.

The Best Sod Installation in Bolton For You

To get an instantly beautiful lawn, contact Niko’s Gardening Inc. to get a free estimate for Bolton sodding installation.

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