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Have you been wondering how to create the perfect outdoor space in your yard? We’re going to let you in on one of the key components of picturesque landscaping: softscaping. Let’s dive into the world of landscaping and discuss what softscape landscaping is and how you can use it in your yard.

Understanding softscaping

So, what is softscaping? The term is being used more commonly today and refers to the living elements of a landscape design. In essence, plants. Flowers, grass, trees, shrubs, and even sand are all examples of softscape. They offer a good contrast to hardscape elements like stone and brick and play an important role in achieving a stunning and natural landscape.

Softscape can be used to soften your outdoor space and make it look more natural and inviting. Nature is calming, so in addition to looking beautiful, softscape creates a picture of peace and relaxation.

Planning and designing softscape projects

A well-designed landscape is one that masterfully blends hardscape and softscape. The beauty is that there is plenty of room for personal creativity in designing your yard. How you choose to incorporate these living elements into your landscape is entirely up to you. The idea is to create a beautiful cohesive look.

Assess your outdoor space and look for areas that could use a softer touch in a way that enhances your yard. As you plan, think about how much of your landscape you want to be green and how vibrant and colourful you want it to be. Do you want more shrubs and fewer flowers? If you do, go for it!

Selecting and incorporating plants

Now that you’ve decided where to plant your softscape, the next step is to decide what type of plants to use. This can be a hard decision, but the key is to look at various options to see which ones may be the best fit for your yard.

The type of soil in your yard, your budget, personal taste, and the amount of upkeep required should be considered when choosing the right horticulture for your outdoor space. Annuals, perennials and biennials are plant options to choose from, with each variety lending its own beauty to the overall look. You can also change your softscape seasonally to switch things up from time to time.

Softscape design ideas and themes

Having a landscape with a theme gives it some identifiable characteristics that achieve a certain look. A theme helps you incorporate the right plants.

Consider using colourful flowers for a vibrant flower garden or go with an evergreen theme. You can also incorporate some native plants or go with a sensory garden, herb garden or butterfly garden.

Soft scape maintenance and care

Softscaping requires maintenance and care so it continues to look beautiful and vibrant. Maintenance includes watering, weeding, pruning trees and hedges, mowing the lawn, and edging flowerbeds. You may find that you need to transplant some plants to other areas of your yard so they can thrive better. Routinely caring for your softscape will make all the difference.

Ready to start your softscaping project?

Your landscape gives the first impression. Softscape offers great versatility and can take your yard to the next level. Hiring professional landscapers like Niko’s Gardening to design and maintain your softscape is a great way to increase curb appeal and ensure your yard is in the best hands.

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